“Other than the quality of our products, the most important thing we have is each other.”

– Jim Hensley, Our Founder

The Bud Man 20-year service award recognizes the proud pasts and career achievements of men and women who have dedicated 20 years to our company.

The bronze sculpture of a young man delivering a stack of Budweiser beer was designed by sculptor Dora Perry, and commissioned by Jim Hensley in 1990 to recognize loyal employees who celebrate their 20th anniversary with our organization. Since the award was first commissioned, close to 200 employees have received the Bud Man Bronze and have been recognized for their commitment to Hensley.

The characteristics often found among those who mark their 20th year are humility, patience, perseverance, professionalism, resilience, cooperativeness, salesmanship, and attention to detail.

Each honoree has a unique history with our company. Each of these individuals has created an admirable career and no two are alike. We recognize the commitment these individuals have made to themselves and to Hensley. They have helped us to create the foundation of our solid, admired company and give us inspiration as we look to the future.